Welcome to Foraged Home!

Hi there, I’m Tiffany! I could tell you all about how I started Foraged Home and my inspiration behind each of the products, but what it really comes down to is…


We don’t force products around here. We’re on trend, but not trendy. We don’t promise to release a set number of goods, because we don’t know when we’ll find the next best thing. When we do launch a new product, you know it’ll be worth your time and money to purchase because we …buy nice things!

Photo by Carlos Hernandez Photography

Photo by Carlos Hernandez Photography

Where Our Products Come From:

We source our products from trusted companies and friends around the world.  Here is a glimpse into where in the world our products are crafted. We list the country of origin and the stories behind each of our products in their descriptions. As we launch new items, check back to see how the map changes!

World Map of where Foraged Home products come from